Oregon Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition Working Group

This year the Coalition has continued to provide support to the Oregon Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition (ONGVC) Working Group. With the success of The Oregon Natural Gas Transportation Fuel: Information Paper, written during last year, the ONGVC is working on a new research project to generate more accurate carbon impacts for selected fuels in Oregon using the CA-GREET 2.0 model. The group will actively seek expertise on fuel pathway construction and modeling, determine a budget for this work and raise funds for this effort through our members, trade allies and interested parties. The project will also deliver a white paper on the effort.

NW Natural continues to offer the Schedule H tariff that allows the utility to own and maintain compression facilities on qualifying customers’ properties for the purpose of allowing such customers to operate CNG vehicle fueling equipment. Two projects are still being considered but delayed by technical problems associated with grant funding.  Other projects show promise in spite of low conventional fuel prices.  Low prices on crude have been sustained beginning in 2014 and continuing through much of 2015.  Environmental benefits and low natural gas prices have not been enough to offset the cost of compression and alternate vehicle conversion or new vehicle capital investment for fleet owners.

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