Resources for Commuters

There are many public transit options for commuters in Oregon, ranging from buses to light rail. For detailed information on all of Oregon’s public transit options, visit the state’s Public Transit Division.

Individuals in Oregon can join vanpools with their fellow coworkers, opt to use rideshares, or can sign up for services from rideshare companies like Car2Go and Zip Car, to help save money on car maintenance and fuel, eliminate driving stress, help reduce traffic congestion, and reduce petroleum consumption.

Vanpool Contacts:
Valley Vanpool (Willamette Valley)
Commute Options (Central Oregon)
Metro vanpool incentive program (Portland metro area)
Enterprise (State of Oregon)
VPSI (national)

Carpool contacts: (Statewide) (International)
Cascade West Rideshare (Linn, Benton, Lincoln counties)
Commute Options (Central Oregon)
Commuter Solutions (Eugene, Springfield area) (International)
Mid-Valley Rideshare (Mid Willamette Valley)

Car-sharing services:
Car2Go – Portland
Zip Car – Portland

Customers of Enterprise Rentals are able to take advantage of renting energy efficient vehicles in Portland, Oregon. Enterprise has two locations that offer hybrid and electric rental cars, including the Toyota Prius, the Nissan Leaf, or the Chevy Volt.
Enterprise Rental Cars – Eco-Tourism



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