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We invite you to join us.

CWCCC is a Northwest regional coalition dedicated to decreasing our region’s reliance on petroleum and increasing our ability to provide domestically produced alternatives to gasoline and diesel.

By becoming a member, you are helping to:

  • Improve air quality in the Northwest
  • Increase America’s independence from petroleum
  • Contribute to developing your region’s economy
  • Actively improve local communities

Benefits of Membership

  • Qualify for U.S. Department of Energy grants only available to Clean Cities members
  • Notification of additional funding opportunities
  • Contribute to the CWCCC Strategic Plan
  • Attend training sessions on the latest advancements in alternative fuels and vehicles
  • Access to industry experts on alternative transportation fuels
  • Training on the latest technology
  • Network with other CWCCC members
  • Learn from success stories by local fleet owners using alternative fuels

A membership application can be downloaded here


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