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MTRWestern remains focused on being a leading contributor to a carbon-free society today and in the future through a host of sustainability efforts, most notably within fleet operations, and through the company’s commitment and focus on advocacy, engagement and strategic imperatives aimed at advancing zero-emission bus transportation. The company views sustainability and conservation as a shared responsibility and through its proactive leadership, is carving a path for all EV-adopters, consumers and stakeholders, funding organizations, public agencies, utilities and more to join forces for electrifying ground transportation.

Guided by its business plans and infrastructure strategy that underscores the need for cooperative action across the full spectrum, MTRWestern continues to move the needle on zero-emission ground transportation through:

  • Zero-Emission Fleet Investment
    MTRWestern’s Charter Bus Electrification Project calls for 15% of its fleet to be composed of electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025, starting with its regional charter vehicles. Plans to migrate 20% of ICE fleet by 2028. The company made its final entirely internal combustion motorcoach fleet purchase in 2021. Going forward, a portion of all new fleet acquisitions will include EVs.

  • Private Charging Infrastructure Investment
    In August 2023, MTR installed 3 DC Fast Charging (DCFC) stations at its Seattle operations center. These Level 3 chargers are critical to facility infrastructure and operation of its new fully electric buses, providing capacity on demand as the company transitions and grows an electrified fleet. The 150kW fast charge stations can top-off one electric bus, from 10% to 80% charge, in approx. 3.5 hours, versus an entire day on a standard Level 2 charger. With 250 miles of range, that averages approx. 1 mile for every minute of charge time on the Van Hool CX45E bus.

  • Public Charging Infrastructure Advocacy & Engagement with Policymakers
    MTR principals actively engage with their state and local leaders to promote and advocate for these entities to underwrite and support EV infrastructure investment. Through locally built relationships, they have received support from organizations such as Climate Solutions, Clean and Prosperous Washington, Wave Foundation, the Port of Seattle, Seattle City Light, Genentech, Google, as well as others, to help meet and exceed their goal.

  • Forging Public/Private Partnerships
    In partnership with Amtrak and the WA State Department of Transportation, MTRWestern launched Amtrak’s first-in-the-nation electric bus route between Seattle, WA and Bellingham, WA in August 2023. MTRWestern funded the fully electric bus with the goal of providing Amtrak with a more sustainable connection to travelers. The bus operates daily service on the route and will save approximately 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel per year while cutting CO2 emissions by 109 tons annually.


  • Adoption of Cleaner and New Carbon Neutral Technologies

    • Transitioning to R99 (renewable diesel) as applicable

    • Transition to Hydrogen

  • Identifying and Securing Public Funding, Grants, Carbon Credits
    Accelerating its sustainable transportation programs through procurement of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits.

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Ready to Join Forces with the MTR EVoultion?

MTRWestern is at the ready to help your business with charter, shuttle and transit EV bus operations. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help support in meeting your electric transportation goals.  

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