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About Us

Promoting the use of alternative fuels in transportation.

The Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition is a member-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports fleets in deploying transportation carbon emission solutions.


We specialize in fostering partnerships with key fleets, industry stakeholders, government, academia, and policymakers to catalyze clean fuel and technology adoption.


Since 1994 we’ve been providing tailored educational resources, grant and incentive support, technical assistance, workforce training, and producing outreach events specifically for our member fleet and clean transportation

industry members to help accomplish their goals.

Image of the Columbia River

Our Team

Executive DirectorBrian Trice

Deputy DirectorMichael Graham  

Communications Program Manager Madeline Reznick  

Membership and Admin Manager - Michelle Soutar

Project Coordinator - Spencer Bienstock

Project Coordinator - Grace Andrews

Executive Board Member Information:

President Executive Board - Dan Zenger

Executive Board:

  • Mark Fitz

  • Amy Regimbal

  • Philip Saunders

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Our Members

Our members are a tight-knit group of local and regional public and private fleets, industry, and government leaders who are driven to try new fuels and technologies enjoy sharing missteps and success stories with their peers.


Our Network is national in scope as part of the greater U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program, with nearly 100 coalitions nationwide. As a national program, we’re in constant contact with Federal agency folks and are a preferred partner on many federal grants.


Through our nationwide efforts, we’ve developed an extensive network we’ll leverage for you.

Mission and Values – Our Five R’s


  • Reaching diverse decisionmakers

  • Reducing barriers to clean fuels and technologies

  • Being a resource for change and collaboration in our region

  • Recognizing leaders in our local, regional, and national clean transportation community

  • Fostering relationships with our stakeholders and partners

Clean Cities in the Northwest

In 2020, the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities and the Western Washington Clean Cities joined forces to create the first truly bi-state clean transportation and fleet-focused organization. The coalitions, separately formed in 1994, provide over 50 years of combined experience in catalyzing clean transportation.


The goal of the merger is to foster greater communication between fleets located in both states to help reduce barriers and catalyze the adoption of cleaner fuels and technologies.


Both organizations are housed under one roof and managed by our team; however, the coalitions continue to retain their original historic identities and tailored approaches to serving fleets and clean industry partners throughout their respective regions.

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