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2021 - Cleaner Air Columbia Project

Updated: Feb 9

In August of 2021, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) announced its intent to fully fund the repower of three tugboats owned and operated by the local Portland, Oregon-based Shaver Transportation Company. ​ The Cleaner Air Columbia project involved replacing a combination of five Unregulated and Tier 2 engines across three tugboats with new EPA Certified Tier-3 engines.

Crafted by the Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities Coalition (CWCC) and the Shaver Transportation Company (Shaver), the project successfully replaced two main propulsion engines in the tugboat Clearwater, one auxiliary engine in the tug Cascades, and two auxiliary engines in the other tug. The entire project cost nearly $1.5 million, with around $560,000 in funds provided by DEQ and the remainder being shared by Shaver.

The project has been estimated to have reduced about 16.41 tons of PM2.5, 1,480 tons of NOx, and 55,255 tons of carbon emissions over its operational life. It was projected to deliver approximately $1.2 million in public health benefits annually, distributed between Oregon and Washington.

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