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4 CWCC Members Win in 2023 Diesel Emissions Mitigation Grants!

We're thrilled to share some exciting news - four of our members have successfully secured grants for transformative projects. These awards are fantastic milestones, both for us and for the advancement of alternative fuels in Oregon.

Here's a glimpse of the incredible projects and the positive impact they'll have:

- Airport Drayage Co. Inc. has secured funding for six all-electric drayage trucks. This initiative is a significant step toward cleaner transportation.

- MTRWestern is driving change with funding for four all-electric motor coaches. These eco-friendly coaches promise to revolutionize the way we travel.

- Star Oilco is making strides by replacing a diesel truck with one fueled by B100 and using cutting-edge Optimus Technologies, Inc. conversion kits.

- Shaver Transportation Co. is on the path to sustainability with a transition to clean diesel, replacing one medium-duty diesel truck with one medium-duty truck with PM 2.5 and NOx emissions controls.

- A special mention to our non-member, WinCo Foods, for replacing one drayage truck with a zero-emissions electric truck.

The impact of these projects extends far beyond transportation. By eliminating 33 tons of harmful air pollutants, including nitrogen oxides and fine particulate matter, these initiatives are set to enhance air quality, public health, and contribute to a cleaner environment for all.

For more details, check out the official press release from the Oregon Newsroom:

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