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Coalition Annual Reporting

Updated: Jan 8

Every year, we conduct our Annual Alternative Fuels Survey on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy to understand the prevalence of alternative fuels and vehicles operating within our member fleets and the wider region.

The report highlights fleet’s emissions reductions based on the data provided.

The video below offers a detailed walkthrough of our annual reporting process, essential for collecting the required data fields that shape our summary reports. Stakeholders play a crucial role by providing vital information. As stakeholders fill in the form, fleet details like vehicle type, fuel used, and mileage help us gauge alternative fuel usage and calculate emissions.

All those who submit data will receive a personalized summary report of their fleet information and emission reduction analysis.

Annual Reporting supports local initiatives around clean transportation. This is not mandatory but it is a benefit Clean Cities provides for our stakeholders and our region. The data collected helps fund, plan for, and educate fleet efficiency and decarbonization.

If you have shared your annual data with us before, you will receive the template via email. If you have not shared your data previously, email to confirm your organization's participation.

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