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Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

Updated: Jan 8

The Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (OCVRP) offers rebates for Oregon drivers who purchase or lease electric vehicles. It is not a tax credit. DEQ designed the Program to reduce vehicle emissions by encouraging the purchase or lease of electric vehicles instead of gas vehicles.

Rebates Amounts:

Standard Rebate

$2,500 off a new eligible vehicle with a battery capacity of 10 kWh or more $1,500 off a new eligible vehicle with a battery capacity of less than 10 kWh $750 off an eligible new zero-emission motorcycle

Charge Ahead Rebate

Standard Charge Ahead

How to Apply

Standard Rebate

Oregon Residents

Apply at a participating dealership if you are looking to purchase or lease a new, eligible EV. Residents can also submit an application online if they did not apply at the dealership.


Charge Ahead

At the Dealership

Oregon residents that are eligible for Charge Ahead can get pre-qualified to apply directly at a participating dealership when purchasing or leasing a new, eligible EV.

Paper Application Form

Funding for OCVRP has been exhausted and a waitlist is in effect for all applications. Qualified applicants who purchased an eligible vehicle prior to May 1, 2023, will receive payment when the program receives more funding in 2024.

At this time, we anticipate reopening in March 2024, when funding is replenished. The OCVRP website will be updated when the program receives funding, so please continue to check the website homepage for program updates.

Useful Program Resources

Dealer Brochure

Details on how to register to provide “cash on the hood” at the point of sale, who qualifies for the rebates, rebate amounts, which vehicles are eligible and more.

Download PDF • 106KB

Consumer Brochure

Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program Official Website

Informational Webinar/Discussion About The Program

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