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Earth Day With Titan Freight

Amongst Earth Day events, Titan Freight hosted a celebration in honor of the Pacific Northwest's first all-electric medium-duty freight trucks at the Titan Freight Portland, Oregon headquarters.

The event took place on April 20th, gathering leaders and spectators from across the PNW to witness the unveiling of this momentous fleet.

The importance of the occasion was underscored by the realization that nearly everything we purchase and consume, from groceries to goods, has likely been transported by gas-powered vehicles, a large contribution to climate change.

Titan Freight's transition to electric trucks represents a pivotal step in reducing emissions, with the introduction of three all-electric box trucks from Daimler, the Freightliner eM-2.

These local trucks hold immense potential for emissions reduction, particularly for short-haul journeys covering distances of 300 miles or less. With seven hubs across the region and delivery routes spanning Oregon, Washington, and Northern Idaho, Titan is poised to make a substantial impact.

The success of this project is attributed to the collaborative efforts of various organizations, including Portland General Electric and Columbia-Willamette Clean Cities.

Titan Freight, as one of the many Clean Cities members championing zero-emission operations, recognized the CWCC team for securing the grant that funded these pioneering electric trucks. They also invited CWCC to showcase alternative fuels information at the event.

As advocates for climate-saving alternative fuels, CWCC celebrates Earth Day by acknowledging the incremental progress made by our membership network, advocating for alternative fuels, and reaffirming our commitment to our Earth.

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